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Treeology works with a wide range of clients and ecologists and is the UK's leading installer of newt fencing on power stations, pipeline corridors, wind farms, industrial developments, land fill sites, quarries, road building projects, motorways, wetland habitats, brown field and green field sites.

We operate a wide range of custom designed installation equipment, allowing us to install newt fencing in all ground conditions, quickly and efficiently, whilst maintaining a sensitive approach to other flora and fauna.

We can offer design solutions for all your newt fencing projects and can advise on the best products and installation methods so that trapping and surveying periods are maximised.


Designs may incorporate water permeable ditch crossings, newt proof road crossings and access gates, pitfall traps and refugia, solutions for installing on hard ground coverings, and other site specific design requirements.

Our variety of Temporary, Semi permanent and Permanent fencing systems offer a range of price, durability and suitability dependant on site requirements.

All work is carried out in line with English Nature Great Crested Newt Mitigation Guidelines, and in accordance to any relevant licensing.


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